Public Action – tell them what you think!

Car Talk and PRI’s The World are now part of the Beta test for Public Action, an open discussion of the day’s stories built in to their site.  From PRI:

Public Action is a way for you to engage on-line with other listeners to the World. Each day we’ll select a story from that day’s broadcast and open it up as a topic for discussion. You can post your thoughts for all to see, or comment on what someone else has written. We’d especially like to encourage those of you with personal knowledge or experiences related to the discussion topics to contribute your anecdotes or observations. Hopefully Public Action will illuminate experiences and ideas interesting to all of us, and some of them may find their way on to the broadcast.

At this stage Public Action is still at the development stage (the technical folks call it a beta test), so we’re also really interested in hearing from you how you think Public Action works and ways that it could be improved. You’ll see that there’s already a discussion thread for you to comment on that. We’re also not doing this alone. Several public radio stations and Car Talk are all giving Public Action a test drive. You only need to register with one of us to have access to all of the other Public Action sites.

Finally, there are some ground-rules for posting. We call them the five keeps:
Keep it on-topic
Keep it clean
Keep it civil
Keep it brief
Keep to the Terms and Conditions
The rest, as they say, is up to you.

So tell them what you think! Click here.


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