We Made It!

Yesterday, March 13, at 3:33p.m. (no joke), an anonymous caller closed out our Spring Fundraiser.  Thanks to everyone who has donated over the last 10 days. We have many new members, who I hope enjoy the e-newsletter and web enhancements along with the listening that prompted them to pledge.  Of course, we have the renewed support of so many of you that come by this site, follow our website, listen online, listen at home and in the car, and even come by from time to time to see us in the station.

It’s been a fun week here at WKMS.  Our phone volunteers did a great job taking hundreds of calls. In between rings, I got to know several of our listeners better.

Thanks again to everyone who came in and talked to us on air as well.  I know I’d much rather be behind a keyboard than a microphone, but you stepped up and told the world how much you enjoy our station.

And  thanks to everyone who made their pledges online. We had more this year than I remember from the last fundraiser, but I can’t site any numbers just yet. The iPod drawing is still scheduled for this Friday, so good luck!

Finally, this little deviation from  the usual Feedbackstyle marks one more special occasion: today is the 100th Feedback post. It’s been a little over sixth months since this project was launched, and I’d like to say thank you to those regular readers who keep coming back for more.  With Fundraiser completed, I have plenty of time to come up with more for you to read.  And with summer coming up, new voices are on the way to Feedback as well. 

As always, we love to hear from you. Share your Feedback by commenting below, or send in a story at the “leave a comment” button. 

Thanks for reading,


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