Cafe Jazz Goes Funky

George Eldred’s featuring a contemporary funk mix on Cafe Jazz tonight. Here are 3 bands off the show that are still hard at work today: 

Medeski Martin and Wood (MMW) – most recently featured on Grey’s Anatomy, MMW is a fusion trio whose use roots are in acoustic keyboards and bass. Tonight’s song, “Where’s Sly” from It’s A Jungle in Here, is a great example of keyboardist John Medeski’s acoustic style.  This album is a bit of a bridge between that and their more aggressive, electric style of later recordings.  Check them out at
Greybreaks Vol 1 – This California groove that sets a great tone for the show. “Funk on the Brain” was produced, mixed, and arranged by DJ Greyboy, who today manages the greyboy all stars, a lively blend of hip hop beats, soul jazz grooves and west coast indie rock. In addition to several albums, their work made it to the big screen with Get Shorty and Zero Effect. Hear more at
Jack McDuff – Sometimes called “Brother Jack”, later known as “Capt’n Jack McDuff”, this organist made his mark on 4 decades of Jazz. This piece is from McDuff’s early 90’s comeback, right after the successful Colour Me Blue” album with George Benson. McDuff continued recording his soulful Jazz organ until his death in 2001. At the time of this piece, he was 65 years old. Early McDuff albums are a collectors item, so if you’ve got one hang on to it.

Fun lineup. What’d everyone else think of the show?


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