Dear Chuck….

This comes from last week’s Weekend Edition:

Chuck Palahniuk [author of Fight Club] has a new collection of short stories out, called Haunted. But that’s not all he’s up to this October. Noting that his zealous fan base centers around his Web site, for the month of October he is urging his fans to write him regular old letters.

Chuck’s online fan base should be a source of envy for many, many of his peers.  Their official site, , calls itself The Cult and boasts an active forum of over 1000 active members.  Workshops, tips, and contests round off this lively site, but it’s important to note that for the next month it’s the old fashioned, paper letters that Palahniuk is after. He’s invited anyone to write him, and when he recieves your letter, he’ll return the favor. 

The address and rules are posted at the forum here .  This is for the month of October only!

Any fans of Mr. Palahniuk out there? Anyone thinking of writing? 
What about other authors you may have written to?


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